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The Great Leap Forward

The Great Leap Forward



Everything has a beginning; what makes the introduction to 'indie' so important is that 'indie wasn't ever just about music. it was about a way of life.

This book is about celebrating those second beginnings, those new starts, that great leap forward when people first formally embraced the change in culture that would come to define their adult lives.

These are moments so precise, so special, so individual, and yet every one of us can relate to them. They are our stories, the events that channelled our lives away from the mainstream.

The Great Leap Forward collates tales from the online music community Everything Indie Over 40 (EIO40), a social media celebration of the alternative music scene. 

This paperback publication comprises 92 pages, is sized 210mm x 148mm and retails at £6.99. 

Comes with free Everything Indie Over 40 bookmark and button badge

 Estimated shipping date 20th October 2019